Funding of Athletes, Coaches, and Judges

Using Scholarships & Grants


Policies concerning Academic Scholarships:

The Regional board of Directors will vote on all funding at their annual meeting held at regional championships each year, or by special vote if requested after teams are named.  No funds may be distributed by the Regional Chair without the prior approval of the board of directors. According the Rules & Policies of Region IV USAGTT, a quorum is:


The members holding one-half of the votes, which may be cast at any meeting, shall constitute a quorum at such meeting. If a quorum is not present at any meeting of members, a majority of the members present may adjourn the meeting at any time without further notice. At any adjourned meeting at which a quorum shall be present, any business may be transacted which might have been transacted at the original meeting;

withdrawal of members from any meeting shall not cause failure of a duly constituted quorum at that meeting.

The board will use all documentation such as application, competition results, specific need and yearly budget to determine scholarship and grant amounts.

All travel grants will be a reimbursement.  Funds will not be made available prior to the competitions or camp. Reimbursement is not only based on competition, but also team participation and appropriate behavior while on assignment.  Athletes that are put on probation or the assignment is terminated early, would be grounds for non-funding.   The reimbursement will be issued to the athlete representing the region.  This is to insure that the athlete does indeed travel to and participate in the approved competition/camp.  Only injuries that occur or an incident that exacerbate previous malady while at the event will be considered and taken under consideration when funding is requested.  Known previous injuries or sport psychology issues precluding participation will be cause for non-funding.  The athlete and personal coach must fully disclose any pre-existing injuries or other issues that might inhibit full participation PRIOR to departure for the competition.  No travel grant may exceed total expenditures of each specific competition.  Receipts showing payment for hotel, travel and entry fees must accompany each grant application.

Athletes must formally request the travel grant using the attached form within 6 months of the event in order to receive funding.  This request must be submitted to the Regional Director.  The request must include: The athlete’s name, current competition level, reasons for attending the competition, competition attended and competition results for all athletes.  Travel documentation.

All academic scholarships will be mailed directly to the University or accredited college.  If the athlete is attending something other than a university or accredited college the board will decide on scholarship eligibility on a case-by-case basis.  Each athlete must provide documentation concerning student status.  Funding will be on a per credit basis.

Funding will not be awarded to members who are not in good standing with USA Gymnastics, the Region, or any Regional State Organization.  Members who are on probation with any USA Gymnastics

Trampoline & Tumbling program for any reason USA Gymnastics or program deems necessary will also not be eligible for funding during their period of probation. All athletes must have represented the region for a full season in order to be eligible for scholarships/grants.  A Season includes: prior year’s Region 4 Championships, 2 eligibility meets, (2 of the following: State Meet, Winter Classic, Elite Challenge, Stars & Stripes), Region 4 Championships, and Nationals.

Academic Scholarships:

5%-20% of funding budget, minimum of $1000 per year.  More funds may be made available depending on applications, financial need, and caliber of athletes.

The purpose of the regional academic scholarship is to provide monetary assistance for upper level athletes in need who wish to continue to train and compete representing both the region and USA Gymnastics during their college career.  It is the desire of the Region to help provide college tuition and education fees so that athletes are able to focus more on training and competition.  In order to be eligible athletes must:

  • All athletes must have competed within the region for one full season prior to funds being available.  A Season includes: prior year’s Region 4 Championships, 2 eligibility meets, (2 of the following: State Meet, Winter Classic, Elite Challenge, Stars & Stripes), Region 4 Championships, and Nationals.  After doing this, funding will be available.
  • Must have participated at Regional Championships in order to receive funding.  If an Elite athlete chooses not to compete at Regional Championships due to injury or upcoming competition, they must still attend the Region 4 Championships and participate by Judging, Handing out Awards, or Volunteering.  The only exceptions will be: athletes that are attending an international competition to earn points for National team and family conflicts such as sibling or parental weddings will be considered on a case-by-case basis WITH NOTIFICATION PRIOR TO REGIONALS AND PRIOR APPROVAL OF NON-PARTICIPATION BY THE BOARD.  Medical excuses and other activities will not be accepted.
  • If an athlete leaves the region and returns, they must compete within the region for a full season in order to be eligible for travel grants.

Athletes must fill out and return the required application by the deadline posted on the Region 4 website in order to be eligible for academic

  • A fully filled out, typed, non hand written application will be required NO EXCEPTION.  Applicants will also need to submit 2 letters of recommendation.  One from outside the sport and one from a National Team coach or judge that is not their personal coach.  Additional requirements for the application will be determined by the Scholarship committee which will include: Regional Chair, a committee chair, a member of the regional board, and an athlete representative.

Academic Funding Criteria:

  • Must meet all Eligibility Requirements listed above.
  • Athlete must be 17 year or older
  • Student at an accredited college or university.
  • Athlete must be competing at the time of the award (½ of the award will be sent for fall semester and ½ for the spring semester)
  • GPA 2.5 or higher
  • Athlete must be Level 10 or higher

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Scholarship Camp Funding:

Region 4 will assist 2 athletes from Region 4 athlete to attend Scholarship Camp.  Funding will include camp tuition and in special cases may include transportation and equipment if deemed necessary by the Scholarship Committee.

Funding Criteria:

  • Must meet all Eligibility Requirements listed above.
  • Must have been accepted to Camp Wakeshma as a camper.
  • Athlete must be 10 year or older

Athlete must be Level 8 or higher

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